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Book Lovers Coffee

Hearts & Heroes (whole bean), 12 oz.

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Image of Hearts & Heroes (whole bean), 12 oz.

Try our new Hearts & Heroes Chocolate Amaretto, it's the perfect blend of chocolate and almond with a hint of cherries. One sip and your heart will be all aflutter just like it does when enthralled by your favorite heartthrob! Whether your hero is Mr Darcy, Rhysand, Edward, Jamie, Peeta or Gale this is the coffee you should be sipping.
So embrace your inner book nerd, grab your favorite book and brew some Book Lovers Coffee Hearts & Heroes!!

**We are a small batch, craft coffee roasting company, we don't roast the coffee until you order it. We hold zero inventory (except for our secret personal library stash).

*This is a whole bean product, if you would like your coffee ground just before shipping please leave a note in the comment section.

*This coffee ships in a priority envelope that will hold 2 bags, so you can save yourself an additional 4.00 on shipping by adding 2 bags to your cart.